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Attachment Parenting in Jacksonville, FL
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Are you part of a breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, and co-sleeping family? If you practice any of the above because you feel it's right for yourself and your family, this group may be for you!

This is a community for attached parents in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas. If you'd like to join us for conversation and the occasional meet-up, please request membership! Anything goes here, from interesting links you have stumbled upon, your own rambles and rants about 'mainstream' parenting and the like, planning of local playdates/gatherings, notices of garage sales or any other great sales or events in the area that may benefit the rest of us, etc.

At this time, membership is moderated for the safety of our families and children. For any post that involves names, directions, or meeting locations, please secure your entry by making it "friends only" -- to insure only community members have access to read it.

Please email apjaxfl @ gmail dot com with any questions or concerns.

And finally, ENJOY! :-)